New hayfever treatment available in Geelong!

Hayfever season has begun and it’s forecast to be a bad one – high pollen counts are predicted for spring 2019.

Sneezing, nasal congestion, itching, watery and bleary eyes are all coming your way as soon as pollens and grasses hit the air on a windy day if you are a hayfever sufferer.

But there is some good news! In the past few years research has shown intranasal botulinum toxin (as an s4 medication we are not allowed to use the brand name B*t*x in advertising) has been shown in studies to give great relief for hayfever symptoms for 3-4 months.

Monash Medical Centre sleep and respiratory medicine specialist, Dr Philip Bardin, performed a placebo controlled trial of 70 hayfever sufferers in 2012 showing improvement in symptoms for 3 months following intranasal swab application of b*t*x.  This treatment offers relief by blocking nerve endings in the nasal passage, reducing inflammation and stopping the onset of symptoms. B*t*ox is easily applied with a cotton bud to the nasal cavity, where it penetrates the tissue.

Quick new hayfever treatment – without needles!

As administration is via nasal swabs there are no needles! A quick office procedure and brief observation period afterward and you’ll be out the door. Within 2-4 days the runny nose and sneezing will reduce and disappear. Some patients require a top up at 6-8 weeks, for others a single dose is adequate to control symptoms for the whole spring 3 month season.  The treatment has no side effects and is extremely safe.

This new hayfever treatment is available at our Geelong clinic. To find out more call 5229 6866 or follow the prompts to book an appointment with Dr Barbra Ward.

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