Having surface sclerotherapy treatments at Geelong Veins Skin and Laser to remove spider leg veins will improve the look of your legs, and can treat aching pain, heaviness and swelling associated with these veins. But our patients also come back to regularly tell us about other benefits.


 1.  Increased fitness

Our patients frequently report returning to sports they have sat out from due to their spider veins. Return to tennis, swimming, netball – whatever your passion was.


2.  Broader fashion choices

When was the last time you wore shorts? A knee length skirt? What would you wear if invited to a summer wedding and you didn’t have to worry about your spider veins?


3.  Avoiding overheating

No one else might notice but we know if you have spider veins you are more likely to be the one in the middle of summer with thick stockings, or standing in the heat by the pool watching your kids swim in long pants or leggings, or holidaying at the beach with too many layers of clothing.


4.  Decreased dermatitis

Leg veins can cause congestion of the blood flow to the skin, resulting in itching, brown skin, thickened skin and rashes. Ditch the veins and ditch the dermatitis as well.


5.  Increased self-esteem

Having legs you can be proud of, or at least not be worried about the appearance of, leads to happiness. Feel better about yourself by addressing a complaint that is fixable.


Organise a consult with Geelong Veins, Skin and Laser’s experienced leg vein doctors to learn more about our spider vein treatment and if it is right for you.

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