Collariums? Solariums? Collagen beds? Geelong Veins Skin & Laser’s dermal therapist Jorden will give you her expert opinion and explanation of these treatments in our latest blog. Jorden has studied skin science in her Bachelor of Dermal Sciences Victoria University degree for the past 4 years.

We are all familiar with solariums and the harmful side effects of their use. Solariums were banned from commercial use in Australia in 2015 due to the known risk of melanoma in solarium users. Recently, however, there has been a new development in the world of sun beds – collariums. These beds claim to stimulate collagen while providing a tan through UVA radiation without the burning effects of UVB. Some of the companies promoting their use claim that collariums are a “safer way of tanning”.

The harsh truth? There is no way to safely tan. Whether you are being exposed to UVA or UVB you are always at risk of developing skin cancers and the unsightly effects of premature aging due to UV damage.

It is said that these beds will stimulate collagen, while using UVA to give you a gradual tan. The irony of this, is that UVA exposure actually denatures and breaks down collagen. The easiest way to think of the different actions of UVA and UVB is, UVA Ages the skin and UVB Burns the skin.

So, what benefits do these new and supposedly improved Collarium tanning beds provide?

None whatsoever that have been clinically or otherwise proven. Why? Because it is unethical to ask people to put themselves at risk of cancer for the sake of clinically approving something we already know is extremely dangerous to our health.

So, when you see influencers spruiking these sun beds, remember one thing. They are usually not educated in the science of the skin and are not a reliable source of accurate information. As much as we all love the feeling of having a tan, the only safe way to achieve one is to buy a fake one!

The best way to prevent the effects of UV damage are to make sure you wear a good quality SPF every day and cover up as much as possible. One of our favourite sunscreens is the Synergie Uberzinc. It contains 21% zinc oxide, protecting your skin from both UVA and UB rays.

Authored by:

Jorden Russell
Dermal Therapist


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