The first time I used Vitamin B3 on my skin, I was told it was the powerhouse of all products and I certainly found that to be very true! 

Vitamin B3, also known as Niacinamide, is one of the eight B group vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9 and B12).  Of these eight types of Vitamin B, there are two that are most active when applied to the skin – B3 (Niacinamide) and B5 (Panthenol).  In this blog I will focus on Niacinamide (B3) as this is the Vitamin B which has the greatest impact on skin health.

The thing about Niacinamide is that, like all vitamins, our body doesn’t produce this on its own so it is our job to introduce and implement it into our everyday diet and skin care regime.

You may be wondering what is so amazing about this vitamin when used on the skin? The list is extensive but the best thing about this product is that it is suitable for all skin conditions and types as one of its best attributes is improving skin barrier function and strengthening the skin.

As a beauty therapist for many years, I am a strong believer in each and every client introducing a Vitamin A, B and C serum as a core foundation of their daily skin care routine as each of these vitamins have an integral part to play in repairing, restoring and re-building skin. Niacinamide serum is often our first option to add in to a tailored skincare regime as it has such a fast effect in providing increased hydration and luminosity, which in our Australian climate is something everybody needs.

If you want to get technical, Vitamin B3 actually slows down the transportation of melanin to the skin’s surface, therefore helping to prevent brown spots and hyper pigmentation, which evens out skin tone.

So, it would seem that this little beauty is good for aging skin but what about oily/acne prone skin? Vitamin B3 also has the incredible ability to regulate oil production and sebum, reducing pore size and inflammation in the skin.  Rosacea skin greatly benefits from Vitamin B3 as its disposition is generally inflamed and impaired.

In summary, there really isn’t a skin that would not benefit from using a Vitamin B3 serum.  There is quite a range of different types of Vitamin B skincare on the market, which can get confusing when trying to choose where to start.  It is necessary to ensure you have at least 5 to 15% strength Vitamin B3 topically to gain results on the skin. 

At Geelong Veins Skin & Laser we have a variety of potent bio-available Vitamin B3 serums for you to choose from depending on your skin:

Synergie In-B-Teen- 7% Niacinamide

Synergie Vitamin B- 13% Niacinamide 

Synergie Priority B- 15% Niacinamide

O’Cosmedics O-Biotics B3 plus serum- 12% Niacinamide along with a blend of other ingredients to compliment this.

We happily offer a consultation to analyse and chat about your skin concerns and provide the first steps to gaining that healthy, glowing skin that we all crave.

Authored by:

Julie Parker
Skin & Beauty Therapist

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