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Synergie’s Vanish


Synergie VaNish is a skin brightening serum for radiance and even skin tone.

VaNish contains patented peptide technology and clinically proven ingredients designed to reduce the appearance of uneven pigmentation and sun damage.

This product has strong ingredients and must be purchased under the guidance of a dermal therapist and in-store ONLY.

Enquire about Vanish. Offer ends 30/09/18.


Photo Rejuvenation

Spring into action and brighten up your winter skin with our photo rejuvenation special!

This BBL treatment is comfortable and uses a short burst of light to non-invasively improve your complexion by both shedding old layers of surface skin and stimulating rejuvenation in the deeper layers of skin.

Photo Rejuvenation for only $99!

Learn more about photo rejuvenation and book in soon to activate this September special.  Offer ends 30/09/18.

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