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Party Season Lips

Plump up your lips this November with our Party Season Lips Package !

Your Party Season Lips makeover with 1ml dermal filler plumps and contours your lips with gorgeous natural results. Embrace your smile again with fuller, youthful looking lips!

Phone 5229 6866 or book in via our website during the month of November to take advantage of our special price. This is one you don’t want to miss out on!

Lip Flip

Are your lips looking a little less full these days? A ‘Lip Flip’ may be for you!

A Lip Flip relaxes the muscles around the mouth, subtly increasing the amount of pink lip on show and correcting any uneven lines. This is one of our most popular and affordable treatments, and the advanced skill of our therapists provide optimal results!

Book in during the month of November to receive the Lip Flip special price of ONLY $66!

Synergie Lipstick

Want a lipstick that does MORE than apply colour?

Synergie Lipsticks come in a range of beautiful colours, but they differ from other brands because they are made with cosmeceutical ingredients that provide distinct benefits. Naturally hydrate, receive collagen support and UV protection with these amazing products! Your lips will LOOK and FEEL amazing with every application!

This special price of $35 is only available during the month of November, so make sure you stock up your handbag!




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What’s a “lip flip” and do I want one?

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