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The Eye Package

The skin around your eyes is fragile, delicate and thus highly susceptible to signs of ageing.

To enable you to treat this area with the care and love it so deservedly needs, we have put together an eye treatment package aimed at reducing those signs of ageing and restoring your eye area to the vibrant skin it can be.

“The Eye Package” includes:

  • Antiwrinkle Treatment (Crow’s feet, up to 12 units)


  • Synergie’s ImprovEyes Day Serum

Cost for Geelong Veins, Skin and Laser’s “The Eye Package” is $250, save up to $64.  Offer valid only until 30/11/18.

Learn more about anti-wrinkle injections and/or book your package.


Synergie’s ImprovEyes Day and Night

ImprovEyes Days is a lightweight anti-ageing eye serum that is ideal for day wear and designed to restore a youthful appearance to the delicate skin around the eye area. Containing green coffee extract (assists in fighting free radicals) and pure hyaluronic acid (intensely hydrates to nourish the eye area).

ImproveEyes Night is an intense overnight eye treatment that is ideal for nightwear and designed to ease fine lines, puffiness and dark circles.  Containing marine extract to tighten, tone and enhance collagen production, this deep treating anti-ageing eye cream restores, hydrates and nourishes the delicate eye area overnight.

Currently on sale. To purchase ImprovEyes Days and/or ImproveEyes Night please contact us.

Price valid until 30/11/18.

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