We hear a lot of misinformation about laser hair removal at Geelong Veins, Skin and Laser and, being the experts on this hairy subject, we thought we’d tackle the bigger myths right here. If you’re still not sure whether to put down the shaver or say goodbye to your monthly wax treatments, here’s the low down on laser.


Myth 1 – Waxing is cheaper than laser

When you consider that you will need to wax every month for the rest of your life and that laser hair removal only requires a limited number of treatments before long-term hair loss is achieved, it’s a bit of a no-brainer.

Not only are you saving significant amounts of money by switching to laser hair removal, you’re also saving valuable  time which can be spent showing off your beautiful smooth skin!


Myth 2 – Laser only works on legs

Did you know that our most popular laser hair removal treatment is actually removing unwanted hair from the face? No more bleaching, waxing or covering up. The good news is that laser hair removal works on most parts of the body, including the bikini line, back and underarms…good news for anyone with unwanted hair, including men!

The only place we won’t use laser hair removal is on the sensitive area below the eyebrow, just above the eye.


Myth 3 – Tanning (real or fake) before laser hair removal is okay

We don’t recommend applying fake tan or tanning in the sunlight in the weeks preceding laser hair removal because we want the best result for you. The pigmentation in fake tan or a recent tan from sunlight will affect your laser treatment.

The laser light is attracted to pigmentation in the skin as well as pigmentation in the hair follicle, so a change in tan can affect your treatment. Autumn is a great time of year to begin your laser treatments as your tan has faded and a better result is achieved.

Speak to our qualified laser therapists at your initial consultation.


Myth 4 – Laser hair removal works the same for everyone

Laser hair removal works best on dark hair with a light skin tone, simply because the laser is attracted to the dark pigment of the hair. Everyone is different and results depend on skin tone, pigment, hair colour and hormone levels.

With recent advancements in laser hair removal technology, it’s not impossible to remove different hair types; you might just need more treatments. This is why Geelong Veins, Skin and Laser includes a full assessment of your laser hair removal needs prior to your treatment so you know what to expect.


Myth 5 – All lasers are the same

Not all lasers are the same and not all laser practitioners are the same. We pride ourselves on:

  • Using medical grade lasers
  • Employing highly qualified practitioners
  • Operating in a medical environment

These are top priorities when choosing a laser hair removal clinic. Finding a good clinic will save you money and give you peace of mind in the long term.

For more information and a list of our prices click here.

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