It’s common during the Winter months for your skin to become dry, dull and flaky which can leave you looking tired and accentuate any signs of ageing in your skin. The cold climate strips moisture from the surface of the skin.  This combined with our daily use of heaters and hot showers mean skin doesn’t have a chance to renew its natural oils leaving your skin feeling tight and dry.

The good news is Winter is the perfect time to consult with our expert dermal therapists at Geelong Veins Skin and Laser, who have all the answers to your winter skin woes.


Winter Laser Skin treatment

The RevLite laser facial specifically targets your winter concerns; drastically improving dull skin, fine lines, pore size, scarring and uneven skin tone and texture- leaving you feeling rejuvenated with an overall brighter complexion. This treatment, also known as Revlite laser skin toning,  fits perfectly into a busy lifestyle, taking only 30 minutes for the session and there’s no downtime required.


How does the RevLite laser facial work?

The RevLite is a Q-switched laser with uses both 532nm and 1064nm to treat different skin conditions. Skin rejuvenation is achieved with the RevLite laser through the use of photoacoustic waves which is a high-speed, non-invasive energy in combination with the 1064nm that deeply penetrates the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin production without causing damage to the skin’s surface.

The RevLite laser facial doesn’t require the use of topical anaesthesia. During the treatment, you may feel a warm, prickling sensation which is tolerated well by everybody.

For optimal results, we recommend 4-6 sessions with intervals from 2-5 weeks, though improvements to your skin will be seen after only the first session.



After our RevLite laser facial you can expect some flushing of the skin for up to 48 hours. Makeup is able to be applied straight after, so this treatment is perfect to fit in during your lunch break!

It is safe to resume normal activities after this treatment, though it is recommended to avoid some skincare products and sunlight for a few days after treatment- which is why it’s a great treatment to have in the winter.


Winter Skincare Products

Don’t be afraid to mix up your current skincare regime at home. Our skin needs can forever be changing and sometimes a slight tweaking of what you’re using at home can make all the difference in achieving that healthy glow. Whether it’s changing your moisturiser to something more intense and hydrating to help combat the dry skin during Winter or incorporating a Vitamin-B serum into your current routine which strengthens your epidermis and boosts ceramide production to increase hydration and reduce inflammation in the skin; there’s a range of Synergie product options to suit all skin concerns.


Winter Special

For the month of June Geelong Veins Skin and Laser are offering our RevLite Laser Facial treatment and a personalised Winter Skincare treatment plan for just $135.

Book in with one of our Dermal therapists to start your Winter rejuvenation today.

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