What is a Lip Flip? And yes, they are available at Geelong Veins, Skin & Laser!

Gorgeous, natural, well contoured lips are a feature that gives you a youthful and beautiful appearance. In today’s world of selfies and social media we are all more aware than ever before of our looks and in particular how our lips look and compare with others. How do you maximise the aesthetics of your pout? Which treatment will improve the look of your particular lip shape? Who should you see for lip fillers or other treatments?

Here at Geelong Veins Skin & Laser we love treating lips! Our cosmetic nurse and on site doctors have great expertise in assessing your particular lip shape and concerns and tailoring the right treatment with dermal fillers, botulinum injections or skin treatments to give you the perfect pout.

Lips change over the decades of our lives

Lip shape and volume change as we age. So our treatments at GVSL are very different for clients in their 20s to clients in their 50s. The desired outcome for younger clients is often optimising shape and a natural boost in volume. In more mature clients vertical lip lines and lips that invert or disappear are often the concerning problem, and we are aiming to bring back the lips they had in the past. Treatment choices will change depending on the issues we are managing. Treating someone who is 55 the same way we treat a 25 year old would lead to a very poor outcome.

Everyone’s lips are different!

At GVSL we see plenty of happy clients with a great range of different lip shapes and sizes and what we can tell you is everyone is different. There is no one approach you can apply to all and get appropriate results. When you arrive at GVSL we will assess your particular lips and discuss your desired outcome. We can then tailor a treatment plan that will get you the right results. You will see both the cosmetic nurse and doctor in person, to safety assess your medical history, examine you and create the best management plan.

What is a “lip flip”?

The term Lip Flip has become a common modern treatment name. The “lip flip” is a treatment with a small number of botulinum toxin units to the upper lip (although in certain lips the lower lip can be treated too). This treatment relaxes the muscle around the mouth (the orbicularis oris) very slightly, which leads to a subtle increase in pink lip on show while also improving any vertical lines in the area.

This treatment is quick and very affordable, but does require advanced skills of the injector to provide optimal results and avoid unwanted effects. This treatment lasts 3-6 months.

What is a dermal filler lip treatment?

Dermal filler lip treatments involve injections of dermal filler gel into the lips to increase volume, improve dryness and reshape the lips to optimal ratios and shapes. There are many techniques and ways to rejuvenate lips or create a totally new shape and our doctors and cosmetic nurses are highly trained to choose the right option for you. We carry the full range of the world’s best dermal fillers so we can treat you with the correct product according to the level of thicknesses, malleability and durations. Most lip fillers will last around 9-18 months.

Can treatments involve several different modalities?

Absolutely! At GVSL we like to tailor our treatments to best meet your needs. We can combine dermal filler with the “lip flip”, or combine a skin needling or laser resurfacing procedure with injectables to erase unwanted wrinkles around the mouth.

How do I choose the right cosmetic injector for my needs?

The perfect lip treatment is a science and an art. It is important to choose a practice that will treat you safely with practitioners who have a thorough knowledge of anatomy and the medical aspects of dermal fillers and anti wrinkle injections. Injectable medications are schedule 4 drugs, so must be prescribed by a doctor. We have on site doctors that you will meet in person to do this. Our cosmetic nurse has years of experience remains up to date with her skills and knowledge by attending the latest cosmetic conferences and courses. The “art” of these treatments is in the ability to comprehensively consult with clients about their needs and wants, and then perform a treatment that delivers a beautiful result. An eye for symmetry and 3 dimensional facial aesthetics is important. At GVSL we strive to combine the art and science of injectables to deliver the best possible result for you as an individual client.

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