Adopting a good pre-bedtime skincare routine can help you look and feel great.  It doesn’t need to take hours, it just needs to be consistent.  Geelong Veins, Skin and Laser’s very own dermal therapist, Charlotte, highlights her four top tips for pre-bedtime skin care.

1.  Cleanse

At the end of every day before retiring to bed at night, always cleanse your face using a foaming or cream cleanser based on the suitability to your individual skin type. Wash off excess oil, makeup and debris using warm water, once clean, splash your face with cold water to tighten pores before applying night serums and moisturiser.


2.  Moisturise

Try to opt for a richer more hydrating moisturiser at night in comparison to what you apply during the day. This will combat skin dehydration as you sleep and in turn help fight the skin ageing process.


3.  Eye Serum

Always remember to apply an eye serum pre-bedtime. This is important as we tend to notice the first signs of ageing around our eyes. Apply eye serums/creams using your ring finger so as you are not tugging on the skin or applying too much pressure around the eyes. Do not apply product directly on the lids and use the remaining product on your finger to apply on your upper lip.


4.  Sleep

If you are someone who tends to sleep face down, opt for a silk pillowcase, this will deter any harsh tugging or pulling on your skin as you sleep, helping to avoid premature fine lines and wrinkles.


Meet Charlotte

Charlotte is a trained beauty therapist and is currently undertaking her degree in Dermal Therapy at Victoria University.  She offers brow and lash tinting, and brow shaping treatments with a keen eye for symmetry and beauty. Charlotte can treat difficult hair problems that are unsuitable for laser hair removal with electrolysis, including fair hair and facial areas. As a trained laser therapist Charlotte also performs laser hair removal for all hair areas.  Charlotte has a special interest in assessing skin conditions and preparing an individualised plan for clients to achieve their skin needs and resolve skin problems including acne, scarring, stretchmarks and signs of ageing. Treatments you can book with Charlotte include facials, microdermabrasion, skin needling, BBL (Broad Band Light) and photorejuvenation.

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