January calls for a rejuvenation of those tired and ageing eye areas with our tailored anti-ageing eye treatment

This month Geelong Veins, Skin & Laser wish to focus on creating a youthful eye area for our clients. We have created a successful package, tailored especially for reversing the signs of aging around the eyes. With the help of O COSMEDICS brand new ‘No Baggage Native Collagen Eye Masks’ GVSL have taken a synergistic approach in creating a package in which incorporates our best anti-ageing eye area treatments and products.

Your eye rejuvenation treatment package will include 4 steps to youthful eyes:

STEP 1: Treatment will begin following a full facial cleanse, O COSMEDICS ‘No Baggage Native Collagen Eye Masks’ will then be precisely positioned under the eyes. These under eye masks are like nothing you have used before. The masks will visibly reduce lines, wrinkles and skin texture in just one use. The native collagen mask uses freeze dried technology, offering triple action anti-ageing effects including enhanced product penetration, hydration restoration as well as regeneration and repair of the skin surrounding the eyes. Results are immediate and addictive!

STEP 2: O COSMEDICS Anti-Wrinkle Argireline infused peel off Mask, will be placed over top of the collagen masks, to cool, soothe and de-puff the delicate eye area. This mask will increase oxygen supply and lymph flow as it is enriched with unique skin corrective peptides and anti-inflammatory actives.

STEP 3: O COSMEDICS eye correct or eye fusion product will then be applied to combat dark circles and boost skin firmness by correcting loss of structural integrity. These eye products will visibly plump and create a luminous eye area.

STEP 4: The final step in attaining a beautiful eye area will include a focus on those pesky crow’s feet. As we get older, our skin and facial muscles undergo a number of changes that can affect the appearance of our eyes and the skin surrounding. Lines and wrinkles start to appear, and you may develop bags or dark circles underneath them. In many cases anti-wrinkle injections will do the trick! Performed by our experienced Doctor or Cosmetic Nurse the final touch included in the GVSL eye package will comprise of 12 units of anti-wrinkle injections expertly placed around the eye area.

For January 2020 this eye package is on special for $199!

Please note: During the month of January, GVSL will also be offering the Dermapen Skin Needling Special. Also known as collagen induction therapy or micro needling, this is a fantastic treatment to pair with our 4-step eye package as skin needling will allow for 80% deeper topical nutrient penetration when product or serums are applied to the skin. Skin needling encourages the wound healing response thereby stimulating the production of collagen, elastin and new growth factors to improve various skin functions. This results in the combatting of fine lines and further signs of aging (please refer to our blog on the Dermapen 4 for further information). Incorporating this treatment into our eye package will undoubtedly enhance your results!

Combine these two specials for $398 (January 2020 only)

This package is a one-off January Special and may not occur again! Please call Geelong Veins, Skin & Laser on 5229 6866 to secure an appointment

Authored by:

Dr Barbra Ward – MBBS (Monash) FRACGP

Charlotte Woolfe – Dermal Therapist

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